Since the Ancient times up to nowadays girls, ladies, women was doing everything to increase their beauty. Alice corporate is a helping hand for ladies, who are taking care about her beauty both internal and external. We produce the innovative cosmetics with the wide range of products. You can find here everything : from gorgeous lipstick to the cleansing water for your beautiful eyes.

What's new?

Our new collection of Matt Lipstick is coming! We will start 2017 with the most wonderful lips in the world. It will be the most numerous collection of this type of cosmetics. It would be the new word in such kind of production!

We will organize the open-sky conference, which will be held on 15.09.2016-20.09.2016. During this conference we will present our newest production, we will do training for the beginners in the beauty industry and you will have a chance to talk with the sharks of our business.


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